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All products are made from our Farm Shop & Deli

(please state any allergies)

Continental Breakfast

Artisan croissant, local jam, Rassasy fruit, coffee or tea

Muesli & yoghurt

Organic muesli, authentic Greek yoghurt, fruit, organic nuts & local honey

Poached Eggs with avocado & feta on toast

Two organic eggs with smashed avocado mixed with feta, cherry tomatoes &chill on two slices of artisan sourdough

Portobello Mushrooms with Eggs

Two large portobello mushrooms filled with organic eggs, parsley and chilli flakes


Homemade Soup of the Day served with bread from our daily selection

Rassasy Cheese on Toast

Organic cheese ontwo slices of local bread:
Chilli Marble
Brighton Blue
Sussex Marble
Why not mix your cheeses or add pickle or Marmite? Or tomatoes & balsamic onions?

Artisan Sandwich, Panini or Toastie served with Spanish crisps and a garnish of fresh salad

A Ploughman’s in a sandwich – a cheese of your choice, grapes, tomatoes, chutney and salad

Local Lovely

Brighton Blue & Apple with a hint of chutney

Truffle my Beef

Pastrami, salad, truffle oil & cherry tomatoes

Salt Beef

Salt beef served with cucumber relish

Taste of the Sea

Homemade prawn cocktail in a sandwich

Ham (local)

Served with either Coleslaw, Tomato, Pickle or Salad

Jacket Potato with various fillings:

Homemade chill
Chilli Marble & Beans
Sussex Marble or Sussex Charmer and coleslaw
Wiltshire Ham & Sussex Charmer
(additional cheese £1.00)

Quiche & Salad

A choice of our quiche of the day – served hot or cold – with a mixed salad, coleslaw & potato salad


All products are made from our Farm Shop & Deli

(please state any allergies)


Penne pasta, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, cherry tomatoes, artichokes & Sussex Charmer (sprinkled on top?)

Anya’s Pasta

Pasta with a rich tomato sauce with Rassasyroasted cherry tomatoes



Lightly salted tomatoes tossed amongst chunks of ciabatta or sourdough with artichokes & olives

Pie & Mash

Local steak pic served with mash orparmentier potatoes &tender stem broccoli


Name your two cheeses or get suggestions from our staff. All cheeseboards are served with Cheeseboard Chutney (is this a brand??), grapes, cherry tomatoes, olives, a garnish & artisan crackers

£10.95 (per head)
Make your own Platter

Choose your favourites from our Deli
(One pastry item only & must fit on a board!)
Choose from: cooked meats, coleslaw, potato salad, quiche, pork pie, sausage rolls, samosa, sosage rolls, antipasti, cheeses

£10.95 (per head)
Charcuterie Board

For all you meat lovers! Our deli boards are served with an array of meats & salami, focaccia or sourdough,Rassasycoleslaw or potato salad, balsamic onions, sundried tomatoes &melon

£10.95 (per head)

Mixed Platter

A little of everything that’s brilliant about Rassasy! All mixed platters come with a selection of salamis, melon, salad, two cheeses of your choice, Rassasy coleslaw, vinaigrette, balsamic onions, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, sourdough, focaccia or crackers & topped with boquerones

(per head)

Seafood Platter

Crevettes, Atlantic prawns dressed in Rassasy’s own Marie Rose sauce, Green-lipped mussels, dressed crab, smoked salmon, peppered mackerel, anchovies, avocado, lemon &salad, served with bread from our local selection

£39 for two
(Pre-order 24 hours in advance)