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Established 2019

Satisfy your guests' hunger with local food for local people

Rassasy is passionate about food. We cook, and encourage others to cook, quality food, sourced ethically. At difficult times like these, we need to eat, drink and be merry, and with the wealth of quality, fresh foods, we can help you do just that.


We provide hampers, graze boxes, oozing with delicious meats, cheeses and accompaniments, fruit and vegetable boxes and fresh fish deliveries. So search our website and if you do not find what you need here, ring us 01903 247638 and we will support you as only small businesses can.

We are looking forward to an exciting year even though we are still in the clutches of Covid. Please remember Hands - Face - Space when visiting. Until the vaccine is  established, please remember that we have a maximum of four customers in the shop at any one time

We model our shop on the continental style of shopping and love to see the enjoyment our customer get from looking around and finding something they haven't seen before.  Your enjoyment really is our happiness.   

Our refill center has some great addition. We have Edgcumbe coffee, rices, split peas, couscous, polenta, muesli in our drop down dispensers. Brighton and Blend Teas such as the Great British Tea, Mojitea, Fruit salad and Earl Grey Creme, Walnuts pieces, mango pieces, dates, figs, and much more in our lift up dispensers and spices in our Kilner jars.  Why not come down and enjoy refilling rather than repeatedly buying plastic to throw away. 

Great Latest News. We will soon be stocking local cured meats from experts not too far from our store. 

Urgent notice!

Our Snug is now opening and we look forward to welcoming you for local ales, ciders, lagers, wines and spirits. We also are excited to be offering deli boards, cheeseboards. 

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