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    Fruit and vegetables

    Our most important food source, but do we really pay attention to it enough? Vitamins and minerals are delicate chemicals whose qualities diminish over time. So, why support the plastic clad brigade when we can have fresh every morning? Not only that, but you can reduce your waste by picking the amount you need for that day only. It's a win win. 

    If you would like a veg box, then don't hesitate to pick up the phone 01903 247638, go to our online shop, drop us an email rassasyferring@gmail.com or message us on Facebook. 

    I find a £20 fruit, root veg and salad box is enough for two for one week. However, if you are a big vegetable lover, like me, the more the better. 

    Veg boxes 

    £20 - £40 stacked full with fruit, root veg and salad items

    £20 fruit box, veg box or salad box