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Tinwood sparkling wines are the best Britain can offer when it comes to quality.


Tinwood Rose

Tinwood Brut

Tinwood Blanc de Blanc

My personal favourite?

Blanc de Blanc. It has a 

light apple hint - lovely!


Sounds strange but Garlic beer is very nice, without that garlic after taste that you would assume would come from drinking something made with garlic. You will have to try it, you know you will. 

Sussex Ciders

Cheeky, light and refreshing. Just what is needed to  while away the hours in lockdown. Five to choose from. Conquest, Hairy Pig, Sussex Cider, Hornet, Crowman. All local and outstanding. 

Greyhound Brewery

Greyhound make some of our best loved ales. MMXX, King's Real Ale, Amber Eyes, Blonde Bird, Booster and Cosmo and loved by many of our customers. They are now also venturing into lagers for your enjoyment.  I can't wait to serve these to you in our micro bar when its allowed to open. 



Garlic Beer


Hepworth ales and lagers are new to our shelves and will be assisting us when we finally get our micro bar open. We stock the delicious Blonde ale and Pulman's ale. 

Stopham wines are exquisite still British wines to accompany wonderful fish platters, cheeseboards  or just to brighten your day. 

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