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Welcome to our Deli Counter.


Our deli comprises of some of the best local cheeses in Sussex and many British cooked succulent meats,alongside our Italian meats such and Dolce Magra, Spianata Calabra and of course the Milano and Chorizo. 

We are very excited to be stocking locally produced cured meats, so watch this space to see what goodies we get in for your delights. 

Deli boxes

Are deli boxes  proved to be a real hit with people so we are extending these to be available throughout the year. They comprise of a little of everything from the deli to graze at your leisure alongside cherry tomatoes and fig to freshen your palette. Why not order one to spend a wonderful time in front of the fire watching a movie, sharing a glass of something nice and grazing on treats you cannot get anywhere else. 


Cheeseboards are the pinnacle of  the meal. If you prefer a savoury ending of your meal or if you decide that the sweet should come first and the cheeseboard last, everyone will be waiting to see what delights will festoon your cheese board. 

This year, we have found a real treat ofr your boards. 

People's favourites:

Chilli Marble

Brighton Blue

Delice De Bourgogne


Wensleydale and cranberry


Sussex Marble

St George