Satisfying your guests' hunger since 2019

Our bakery offers the finest artisan breads and cakes. The bakers we use have studied the art of baking for a lifetime and are proud of the quality produce they provide. At Rassasy, we celebrate not only the craftsmanship of a properly baked loaf but also the skills bought in from around the world to provide us with artisan loaves and cakes.

If you would like to order bread, please order one day in advance before 12pm. This way, we will always have enough bread for you. 

Ring and order 01903 247638

We use the Sodt bakery with all their Danish loveliness. Coburn bakers with their endless artisan skills and Merry Miller. The bread that everyone cannot get enough of. 

Forget presliced packaged stuff! Get fresh bread every day made by people who care about the things you eat. 

The Bakery