Offering local food for local people since 2019

-   ABOUT US  -

Rassasy means to satisfy your guests' hunger and we believe that nothing beats quality to do just that. Mike and I dreamt up the concept over a cold beer in The Andalucia, thinking about what it means to be sustainable and enjoy the finer things in life. What this recent pandemic has shown us is that society needed a rest from the onslaught of the crazy world we had accidentally made for ourselves and that many people enjoyed getting off the steam roller existence to take a breather. What we found when society slowed was that people seemed happier and took time to enjoy the taste of well-made or well-grown food. 

It is a pleasure to serve the people of Ferring and the surrounding areas. We have met many people who we now consider friends. Every day brings new and exciting challenges and many laughs. This gives us the impetus to develop the shop into a thriving business for the village. As we grow, our aim is to develop our sustainability with quality products in an organic refill centre.