Satisfying your guests' hunger since 2019

Rassasy means to satisfy your guests' hunger and we believe that nothing beats quality to do just that. Mike and I dreamed up the concept over a cold beer in The Andalucia, thinking about what it means to be sustainable and enjoy the finer things in life. 

Sustainability, organic and provenance helps us source the most ethical products we can find to bring to your door. Check out our refill center, which grows weekly, for great cooking accompaniments, alongside local teas and coffees. Also check out our newsletters where we bring you news of the local suppliers we use, highlighting what drives them to produce the quality products. Why not take a look at our Cook with Rassasy videos to see what our friends around the village do with the produce they buy at the shop. 

-   ABOUT US  -

We are a family run business with the entire family helping out, especially during the lockdowns where it has been all hands on deck. We could not have got through without the help of our children. 

We also have the community at the heart of everything we do. We were so proud of Ferring Helpers, set up during the first lockdown. The community pulled together and made a real difference to people scared and alone. We changed our snug to be The War Office and helpers manned the phones, getting the things you needed to your door. 

What we want for the future: 

We want to build on the community feel that we already have and develop our Snug to become a great place to sit down with family and friends, have a local drink and enjoy  a cheeseboard of deli platter. I must say, I can't wait to see how it develops.